(the) Project

Zambrano´s goal with this expanded workshop was to bring Flying Low and passing through on. He is greatly concerned that the dance and the physical will not die. In an increasingly conceptual dance world, he wanted through these 50 participants to acquire the work of a new generation of driving forces that can bring dance to new physical heights.

The project
After the workshop ended in April, some of the dancers have met again, due to a common desire to bring flying low and passing trough on to eager dance students and audience around the world. As the lucky attendees at the “50days in Costa Rica” we see it as our duty to share what we have learned. This was also one of David’s wishes. Each acquire the technique in its own way and thus using their own life experience to bring it forward and add something new to the technique. In this way, Zambrano’s technique keeps on living a long time, but also develops in 50 new directions.

50 dancers, teachers and choreographers throughout the world are now filled with information about flying low and passing through and are ready to share it. We offer classes in flying low and passing through, performances in passing through, and can also give lectures.
Dance is a global language, it´s breaking language barriers and bring people together from all over the world based on one language. Today’s society is characterized by much turmoil and uncertainty.Wars and conflicts, environmental issues and environmental crises, natural disasters and misguided economy in the world. We all need a free zone where we can forget these concerns for a while and just enjoy ourselves and each other. Dance has since the dawn of time been associated by joy and unity. We want to bring this back. We want to unite people in all parts of the world and bring sheer joy through dance, music, movement and unity.
(to be continued)

Eva Grainger