Dory Sanchez Balibrea

    1987, Cartagena, Spain.
    She began her career as classical and flamenco dancer. After that, as contemporanean dancer, she graduated from the Conservatorio de Danza in Valencia, growing up as a professional dancer with different masters as David Zambrano, Steve  Paxton , Julyen Hamilton, Inaki Azpillaga, Thomas Hauert, Germán Jauregui, Jeremy Nelson, Els Slovaks, Kirstie Simsom, Malpelo…

    Currently she works with Angels Margarit – Mudances Company in the piece ‘Flexelf’. She has worked for Margarit in previous works: ‘Larandland’, ‘Origami’ and ‘Souvenir’. She has also worked with Peter Greenaway in “The Blue Planet”.
    Before that Dory has been working on several companies as Marina Donderis, Rocío Pérez Cel Ras- Co., and again in Valencia during three years of Veo festival, and five years in Cartagena Mudanzas Festival always performing her own dance work.