Elia Mrak Blumberg

Elia is a dancer and choreographer from Seattle, WA USA. He grew up playing baseball, basketball and skiing. Squeezing time in-between, he acted, danced and played the violin.  After graduating from Pomona College in Los Angeles in 2007, he received a year-long Watson Fellowship to travel through Europe researching dance in diverse cultures. Focusing his time and energy on the Balkans from 2007-2009, he had the opportunity to be a teacher, a performer and choreographer for projects with artists in the region, including a student and mentor for the NOMAD Dance Academy in its first two years.  From 2009-2010, he toured in Western Europe, performing with David Zambrano in his new project, SHOCK, and assisting him for his workshops at the Impulstanz festival in Vienna. He just recently completed the 50 Days of Flying Low and Passing Through project from David Zambrano held in Costa Rica 2010.  Elia is focused on dance, movement, performance and how it can apply to everyone in their daily life.