Linn Ragnarsson

08-03-1989, Sweden
Linn was born in Örebro (Sweden). She graduated from The Contemporary line of The Royal Swedish Ballet School in 2009.
Lately she’s been working with Lena Josefsson & Kompani Raande-Vo, performing in Sweden and in Zimbabwe at “HIFA” (Harare International Festival of Arts).
She has worked and toured with NuDANS, the youth company at The Gothenburgh Opera and with choreographers such as Johan Inger, Alexander Ekman, Khosro Adibi, Susanne Jaresand, Carl Olof Berg, Anne Holck Ekenes and Helen Parlor.
In january she was invited to the festival “Danza & Tendencia” in Concepción (Chile) where she joined the projects “I.P.L.” (International Performers Lab) and “Fronteras” (Children Art Education), led by Khosro Adibi (Be). She was also teaching at the school “MoMo (Movimiento Moderno) in Santiago.
In late january she continued to Costa Rica for the workshop “50 days of Flying Low and Passing Through” with David Zambrano, which certified her to use and continue developing the techniques.