Malgorzatah Haduch

Poland, 1978

Dancer and choreographer, graduated from the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam, in 2004. She has been working independently as a choreographer, dancer and curator in The Netherlands and other countries such as Scotland, Brazil, Chile, Japan and Peru.

Her vision about dance has been shaped by such artists and teachers as Katie Duck, David Zambrano, Robert Steijn, Hooman Sharifi, Michael Schumacher and Carlas Salas, among others, who contributed significantly to her experience as a choreographer and performer.

Malgorzata is leading an artistic collective Unfinished Company, which embraces international artists from different art fields – dance, music, video, photography. Unfinished Company has been performing in different constellations since 2006.

In 2007 she was a guest choreographer at the Royal Scottish Academy Of Music and Drama in Glasgow, Scotland. In 2008 she realized a choreographic project in Tacna, Perú, with the theater group Deciertopicante, granted with a scholarship by the Instytut Adama Mickiewicza. Last year Malgorzata participated in the residency program at Art Stations Foundation- Solo Project (“Zona Segura”) and in the DanceWEB program in Vienna. The 2010 has started with the participation in the ”50 days Costa Rica” project- an event that has influenced Malgorzata’s further artistic research.