April 2010, La Habana, Cuba
Ciudad en Movimiento, XV Festival Internacional de Danza en Paisajes Urbanos
Passing Through La Habana happened in the context of the XV Festival Internacional de Danza en Paisajes Urbanos “Habana Vieja, Ciudad en Movimiento”.
It is a festival where companies from all over the world take the streets of the old part of the beautiful Habana. It’s as if you live a carnival, with music and dance happening outdoors for few days. This edition was held between 7-11 of April 2010.
We performed the Passing Through on the 8th April, for first time on the street, taking the people with us as we went dancing from Rumiñahui Park to Las Carolinas Garden, where there was finally a stage.
It was also the first time we did a Passing Through after the 50 Days, which had finished just few days before that date. For that reason we called it “Después de 50 días” (“After 50 Days”).
It was a great experience to do it between the people, giving another possibility to the passing through technique: to pass also through people that are interfering in our dance, and somehow dancing with us, even if they don’t know it. We were really thankful to them, as they were very easy and natural to interconnect and very exciting for us to dance with.
Dance: Martin Piliponsky (Argentina), Laureline Richard (France), Paula Lamamié de Clairac (Spain).

Dancers: Martin Piliponsky, Paula Lamamié de Clairac, Laureline Richard