USA tour

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Passing Through You.S.A
A Collective Performance of the Present
On April 23rd, 2011, the 50collectiVe will land in New York to embark on a journey.  A collection of 12 dancers from around the world, we will embody the American spirit and travel west by road, passing over mountains, across rivers and through cities, bringing the joy of dance directly to people in their parks, their homes and their local theaters – for them to watch and to join.
For 5 weeks, we will Pass Through 9 destinations – New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Denver, Austin, Los Angeles, San Fransisco and Seattle – packaging our performances in traditional venues along with site-specific outdoor performances, and workshops both for dancers and the general public.  In addition to programmed performances, we will engage in spontaneous performances along the way, in small towns, rest stops and public parks.
Teaming with local, national and international sponsors, we will offer our performances and workshops in collaboration with local arts organizations and venues.
We will record the journey, creating a documentary film along the way.
This is our vision for a more collective world.